Phytomed's Glycetract range is a premium quality, guaranteed potency extract range of herbal botanicals. The ideal choice for the treatment of children and adult patients where alcohol consumption is inappropriate, where the sweetness of glycerol can assist with compliance and the low glycaemic index makes them suitable in a diabetic friendly diet.

Made with Phytomed’s comprehensive modern quality control processes to help ensure the broadest spectrum of phytoconstituents is extracted from each herb under strict GMP manufacturing, certification for optimal end product with quality assurance.

Phytomed Glycetracts are a blend of plant-derived glycerol and water rather than an ethanol and water combination which makes them a beneficial quality option for improved clinical patient care. Helping achieve better results through high client compliance with increased clinical application, including broad appeal for use in children and adults, allowing therapeutic doses of phytomedicine for a better overall effect, patient care and recovery.
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Phytomed is New Zealand's leading manufacturer of premium liquid herbal extracts, founded in 1998 by Phil Rasmussen  read more...