Phytomed Quality & Ethics

Quality Assurance
Phytomed is committed to producing herbal medicines of the highest quality.

Phytomed operates under strict GMP quality manufacturing principles and holds current GMP certificates from both the New Zealand Ministry of Health (Medsafe) and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
GMP means absolute quality assurance.  A comprehensive system of quality assurance and control, GMP has been used by the pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturing industries for over 50 years as a means of assuring that products have the correct:
• Identity
• Strength
• Purity
• Quality

GMP comprises a large number of procedures and requirements including:
Quality assessment of every batch
• Strict control of manufacturing environment, equipment, air and water
• Validation of equipment and processes
• Quarantining and unique identification and testing of raw materials
• Specific batch identification for easy traceablity
• Reconciliation of raw materials, product, packaging and labels
• Stability testing of finished product
• Strict standard operating procedures for every aspect of manufacture

Health practitioners require trusted medicines manufactured with evidence of strict safety, quality and efficacy.  While GMP is still voluntary for natural health producers in New Zealand, Phytomed has chosen to invest in and adhere to these standards as our commitment to quality and progress in our industry. 
Phytomed's new customised manufacturing facility

So what does GMP mean for you?
    •  Herbal medicines manufactured to the same strict quality standards as pharmaceutical medicines

    •  Absolute assurance that what is purported on the label is exactly what is inside

    •  Consistency in every batch - Herbal medicine manufactured to consistent, reproducible standards

    •  Traceable documentation for every step of manufacture, from sourcing through to distribution


dandelion field
New Zealand grown Dandelion
Premium dried Withania

The Ethical Choice

At Phytomed we believe that practitioners and manufacturers share the responsibility of ensuring that our medicinal plants are available for future generations. 

We have established and maintained a sourcing policy that reinforces our commitment to a sustainable future for herbal medicine.  This policy includes the following considerations:

• Cultivated, certified organic herbs are our first choice

• Where cultivated certified organic herbs are unavailable, sources from spray free or growers under organic conversion will be used, and if neither of these preferences are available, conventionally grown (trade) herbs are used

• We comply with all CITES* requirements
   * Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora;
    for more information refer to www.cites.org
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