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Our latest blog discusses four new kids on the block herbs, that are steeped in traditional use but have a bright new lease on life, ideal to add to your favourites in-clinicREAD MORE

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Welcome to Phytomed 'Herb Talk' podcast series. In our next podcast, join Sharlene and Phil as they discuss why glycetracts are a must-have in your clinic and the new glycetracts range. MORE INFO




Just Arrived!

We have five NEW products in our Phytomed Glycetracts range– Manuka 1:2, Lion’s Mane 1:2, Ginger 1:2, Withania 1:1 and Turmeric 1:1. 

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Phytomed is New Zealand's leading manufacturer of premium liquid herbal extracts, founded in 1998 by Phil Rasmussen  read more...
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