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Only the best medicinal herbs for your practice

Phytomed Medicinal Herbs Ltd is proudly a New Zealand owned and operated company. Established in 1998 to produce high quality liquid herbal extracts, it celebrates more than 20 years of serving health practitioners.


At Phytomed, we constantly strive to be the best at what we do and to live up to our values of efficacy, sustainability and safety.

Phytomed manufactures clinically relevant and unique herbal extracts for New Zealand, Australia and other international markets. From the outset, Phytomed has focussed on innovation and continuous improvement to be your trusted choice. We believe the quality you put in reflects the quality you get out.
New Zealand is a place of pristine purity, dynamic landscapes and unique ecosystems. At Phytomed we capture this essence by creating high quality products, and by nurturing and respecting the environment.


Where it all began Phil Rasmussen – his story

Phil is an experienced pharmacist and medical herbalist. Whilst working as a pharmacist, Phil studied at the School of Phytotherapy in the UK. He returned home to set up a successful practice as a consultant and medical herbalist, and began making a range of liquid extracts for his clients. Phytomed was established in 1998, to make these herbal medicines available for use by other qualified practitioners.
Phil has taught herbal medicine to naturopaths and pharmacists, presented at conferences in New Zealand and overseas, and written extensively for herbal and pharmacy publications in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. He also acts as a consultant to government agencies and academic institutions.

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Our Phytomed range is comprehensive

Our practitioner range covers more than 200 different liquid extracts and tinctures, including a range made from New Zealand native plants.  We acknowledge the value of other traditional uses of herbs, such as decoctions and infusions, and have a range of dried herbs and tea blends. For patients unable to use liquid herbs, capsules are available for some of the most popular herbs.


NZ Natives are at the heart of what we do

We are passionate about promoting the medicinal use of New Zealand native plants (Rongoa). We believe that they should be cultivated or wildcrafted in a sustainable, safe and ethically sound manner. A number of New Zealand native plants have comparable efficacy to equivalent imported or endangered species, and therefore much less risk of a non-sustainable or threatened supply. Many of these can be easily cultivated and Phytomed works with our suppliers to actively encourage such cultivation.


Naturally New Zealand 

We preferentially source NZ-grown ingredients, working closely with local growers to source the highest quality herbs, and use certified organic materials wherever possible. Aotearoa New Zealand has a wealth of native medicinal plants that have comparable or superior efficacy to imported or endangered species, and many of these can be easily cultivated in a sustainable, ethical way. At Phytomed, we believe in protecting our environment and helping ensure our valuable herbal resources are safeguarded for future generations.


Credible innovation through research

We collaborate with research partners in NZ and overseas, to optimise our formulations and validate efficacy. Ongoing new product development is a passion for Phytomed and we pursue a rigorous New Product Development and Research & Development programme.

We continually research and develop new products using New Zealand grown natives and non-native New Zealand grown plant species.


Consistent quality through GMP

Committed to producing herbal medicines of the highest quality, Phytomed is a certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) manufacturer. GMP is a comprehensive system of quality control and assurance, defined by a large number of medicines’ manufacturing procedures and requirements.

GMP is voluntary for natural health producers in New Zealand. Phytomed however, has chosen to invest in and adhere to these standards, as our commitment to quality and leadership within the industry. Phytomed is audited regularly by the NZ Ministry of Health to maintain GMP certification.


We support your practice

We are committed to supporting our practitioner customers. Services offered include:

  • Phytomed news – regular newsletters featuring up-to-date information on research into herbal medicines, new products, specials and items of interest.

  • Technical support – experienced technical staff and resources to assist with product related enquiries.

  • Dispensary – we will prepare prescriptions and send them directly to your clients.

  • Ongoing practitioner education.



Kiwiherb natural healthcare for everyone

Phytomed also manufactures and markets the Kiwiherb consumer range of herbal products. Clinically formulated and unique, this practitioner strength range provides families with reliable products for natural healthcare. As with the Phytomed range, Kiwiherb products strive to adhere to the same standards of research, priority use of NZ native herbs, organics, ethical sourcing and quality.



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