Kiwiherb Children's Organic Lung Clear Syrup

Children's Organic Lung Clear Syrup 100ml NZCHILDREN'S ORGANIC LUNG CLEAR SYRUP 

Kiwiherb Children’s Organic Lung Clear Syrup combines the well-known Western herbal medicine respiratory herbs Hyssop and Liquorice as well as New Zealand grown Horseradish root, to help clear mucus from the lower airways, supporting healthy respiratory and lung function. 

•    Certified Organic 
•    High levels of New Zealand grown Horseradish root
•    Hyssop provides classic expectorant support
•    Specifically formulated for deep, congested lung irritation
•    Natural Strawberry flavour that tastes great
•    Honey-free (vegan)

Contains no artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours or preservatives. No added gluten, yeast or dairy derivatives. 

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