Laetitia O'Connell

Laetitia 2-822Customer Service Manager

Laetitia began working with Phytomed at the beginning of 2014, when she leapt at the opportunity to put her naturopathy studies into practice.  She came to natural medicine through a vast and varied path, including catering to the whims of the rich and famous aboard superyachts. Superyachting is not a lifestyle for the faint hearted, with a work-hard-play-hard attitude prevailing, and she noticed the toll that stress and good times were taking on her own health and those around her.   It was clear that all the money in the world did not buy good health, so her interest in complementary medicine was sparked.

This inkling lead her to Vancouver, where she lived for a year working in a health store and completed her first naturopathy papers.  After seeing many beautiful places, there was still one that topped the list everytime, so Laetitia returned to New Zealand to continue her studies in Naturopathy and Herbal medicine.  She graduated from Wellpark College in 2013 as the Top Clinical Naturopathic student and also achieved the award for Overall Excellence.

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